Fight for dismissal in Medicaid fraud case shows past scheme

A man, who along with his wife, was sentenced to 144 months in federal prison for a multi-million dollar Medicaid fraud scheme is claiming his attorney was ineffective for advising him his wife could be compelled to testify against him and that his sentence included past firearm and RICO enhancements.

The latest court documents in the case of Timothy Mark Harron also bring to light a past fraud scheme in which he served federal time before the Medicaid case.

While Mr. Harron’s motion to appoint counsel was denied, Chief Judge Richard E. Myers II has granted an extension of time to respond to a recent government motion in the case, setting a January 30 deadline, according to electronic court documents.

Mr. Harron, along with his wife Latisha, operated home health services in Roanoke Rapids and Ahoskie and also committed Medicaid fraud from their Las Vegas penthouse and places around the globe, previous court documents have shown.

Garnishment proceedings have been set so that the $4,321,590.39 bilked can be repaid to the North Carolina Medicaid Program.

Mrs. Harron received a 14-year sentence last year.

Source: Fight for dismissal in Medicaid fraud case shows past scheme /

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