Florida On The Ball on Medicaid Fraud

Texas Medicaid fraudAn investigator from the Florida Office of Attorney General Medicaid Fraud Control Unit confirmed yesterday that an arrest had been made for Medicaid fraud.

$6.7 billion in Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse nationwide

Had their office uncovered a major Medicaid fraud ring, costing Florida taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars?  After all, the federal Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has speculated that $6.7 billion is being wasted through Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse nationwide.  Florida must have their fair share.

One might expect such an announcement.

No, no.

Medicaid caretaker scammed $4,000

They actually told the local paper, and it is a fairly lengthy article too, that they had investigated and arrested a lone West Palm Beach woman who had worked as a Medicaid caretaker.  Their thorough investigation found that the woman had falsified her time card for almost $4,000 and bribed her boss with $200 to keep it quiet.  She is charged with larceny and fraud. Got ya!

Surprised the governor didn’t send out a press release too.  Any more big cases coming up?

Texas take note.  Good work, Florida!


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