Florida Dental Association has Session worth smiling about

The Florida Dental Association is having a good Session.

Lawmakers have agreed to spend $1.773 million for the dental loan repayment program and an initiative called Florida’s Donated Dental Services, which is $1 million more than what the organization originally asked for.

The decision to fund the loan repayment program comes on the heels of the apparent agreement to keep Medicaid dental services in a separately procured Medicaid managed care program.

The association initially requested $773,000 for the loan repayment program that aims to bring dentists to medically underserved and designated rural areas.

Florida’s Donated Dental Services program connects dentists who are willing to donate their services to seniors and individuals who have disabilities or to people who are medically compromised. Volunteer dental labs also provide supplies like crowns and dental implants.

The Senate exceeded the request, putting $1.773 million for the program. The House agreed to the Senate’s proposal.

Source: Florida Dental Association has Session worth smiling about / Florida Politics

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