Florida Siblings Charged in $25 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

On a typical day in Loxahatchee, Florida, Erin Foley and Ted Albin, a pair of 46-year-old twins, might have been seen overseeing their business, Grapevine Professional Services Inc. However, the seemingly unassuming siblings have been charged with a staggering $25 million Medicare fraud scheme, shaking the veneer of normalcy surrounding their lives. The duo allegedly created a labyrinth of false prescriptions and orders for durable medical equipment, which were never delivered to the retirees and disabled individuals they claimed to serve.

Unraveling the Deceit
Over a four-year period, Foley and Albin allegedly exploited their company and others under their control to line their pockets. They are accused of fraudulently billing the government, triggering a payout of $9 million from various government agencies and private insurers. The charges brought against them include health care fraud, wire fraud, and violations of anti-kickback laws. If found guilty, the siblings face up to 50 years in prison.

Under the Radar
Despite the magnitude of their alleged scam, the siblings did not flash their wealth. They led a seemingly modest lifestyle, residing in a ranch-style home and running a consulting business together. This ruse of normalcy might have allowed their fraudulent activities to go undetected for years.

Source: Florida Siblings Charged in $25 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme / BNN

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