Followup Survey on DMOs Shows Slight Improvement, Not Much Different

Below are the results of our TDMR Medicaid Dental Maintenance Organization Followup Survey.  84 dentists responded to the survey which is not quite comparable to the 105 who took the first survey back in December 2016.

Cautions on the results

Again, there are a few caveats on the results – the survey was done anonymously and no check was done to ensure those answering were actually Medicaid dentists.  It is also likely that the results are skewed to those who are dissatisfied rather than satisfied as individuals who are upset are more likely to complain.  However, it still does provide an indicator of the job done by both Dentaquest and MCNA for Medicaid dentists.

Slight improvement but problems the same

It appears there has been a slight improvement in the performance of both MCNA and Dentaquest but MCNA still garners the most criticism.  The problems faced by dentists in December with both companies are pretty much unchanged.  However, the severity of the problems has lessened.

The improvement is a slight one as the majority answered that they were still worried or frustrated, some 62%, as Medicaid providers.  But now they are more worried than frustrated.  A healthy number of 12% is still considering leaving the program as opposed to 16% a few months earlier.

Rather than analyze it further, we invite those interested to review the results themselves below.  It may be downloaded by pressing the download button at the top of the PDF display.



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