Forward Science making hand sanitizer for Houston-area hospitals

Forward Science typically manufactures medical and pharmaceutical products focused on oral health care in its facility in Stafford, Texas. In response to the shortage of hand sanitizer in hospitals, the Forward Science team pivoted and began creating batches of hand sanitizer upon request from local hospitals.
Houston is home to the largest medical center in the United States, and many of its providers were already customers of Forward Science. Because the shortage of supplies could be detrimental to the health and safety of many doctors and patients, Forward Science knew its FDA-regulated facility could quickly be redirected to make hand sanitizer to help local health-care professionals and patients.

“When we heard that there was a shortage of hand sanitizer across the nation, we knew we needed to step up and help. Not just Texans, but the world counts on our city to provide elite medical care. We quickly paused manufacturing on our typical products and focused heavily on meeting this need,” said Forward Science President Brian Pikkula, PhD. “We know other companies have also stepped up to fill this void, but we operate out of an FDA-registered facility, which ensures that our hand sanitizer will have excellent quality and provide the best standard of care.”

Source: Forward Science making hand sanitizer for Houston-area hospitals / Dental Tribune

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