Fraud inspector’s falsified work could cost state millions |

This summer, state regulators settled a Medicaid fraud case against an Austin dentist for literally pennies on the dollar. Although the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Office of Inspector General had initially accused Rachel Trueblood of bilking the government out of $16.2 million in unnecessary procedures and other improper charges, the agency quietly agreed to a one-time payment of only a quarter of 1 percent of that — $39,000. Trueblood admitted no fault.

At the time, an agency spokeswoman attributed the low figure to Trueblood shuttering her dental practice, making it unlikely the government could recover any more money — even though she had opened another thriving office just miles away. “You can’t get blood from a turnip,” the spokeswoman, Stephanie Goodman, said.


via Fraud inspector’s falsified work could cost state millions |

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  • Wish we were offered this. My father went to trial because he didn’t feel he had committed any crime and knew he had definitely not “frauded” the damn government. The only kind of settlement or plea they offered included admitting guilt. His lawyers thought they could win, but the government won and he’s sitting in federal prison. THIS GOVERNMENT OFFICE TOOK ABOUT $1000 worth of services in question and extrapolated it to $1.6 million!!!! They are bullies and they are liars and someone needs to take them down! Please tell me where I can file wrongful something because of this!! I am so furious and now what we have been saying all along has been exposed to be true!!!

    Warning- the children of Texas are going to suffer because NO DENTIST in HIS/HER RIGHT MIND SHOULD TAKE MEDICAID! It’s just too dangerous. Medicaid comes under fire so they throw dentists under the bus.

    • We don’t know much about your father’s trial. This information is only coming out because of the brilliant and competent legal representation being provided to the dentists now. Suggest you speak to a lawyer to see if anything can be done.

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