Health care fraud cases involves 345 defendants, $6 Billion

The Department of Justice Criminal Division today announced a historic nationwide enforcement action involving 345 charged defendants across 51 federal districts, including the Eastern District of Texas. In conjunction with the takedown, CMS Center for Program Integrity announced that it has taken a record-breaking number of administrative actions related to telemedicine fraud, revoking the Medicare billing privileges of 256 additional medical professionals for their involvement in telemedicine schemes.

These defendants—more than 100 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals—have been charged with submitting more than $6 billion in false and fraudulent claims to federal health care programs and private insurers, including more than $4.5 billion connected to telemedicine, more than $845 million connected to substance abuse treatment facilities, or “sober homes,” and more than $806 million connected to other health care fraud and illegal opioid distribution schemes across the country.

Source: Health care fraud cases involves 345 defendants, $6 Billion / Herald Democrat

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