HHS Doled Out $50 Billion To Firms Accused Of Medicare Fraud

Paying kickbacks to doctors for referrals. Surgically implanting unneeded heart monitors. Aggravating troubled teenagers during psychiatric sessions to worsen their mental health.

Health-care providers accused of bilking taxpayers by inflating Medicare or Medicaid expenses have paid billions of dollars in settlements with the federal government over the past decade for a variety of transgressions, some of which risked patients’ lives. Now the money is flowing the other way.

Companies that settled cases involving overbilling or fraud — among them Tenet Healthcare Corp., Universal Health Services Inc. and Beaumont Health — received more than $36 billion in interest-free loans from a U.S. Health and Human Services Department program to help providers handle cash-flow shortages caused by the pandemic, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Good Jobs First, a watchdog group that has been monitoring federal relief payments.

That’s more than one-third of the $100 billion distributed through the loan program. In addition, companies accused of wrongdoing got more than $20 billion in grants issued by HHS to stave off coronavirus-related losses. In most of the cases, there was no determination of liability.

Source: HHS Doled Out $50 Billion To Firms Accused Of Medicare Fraud / Financial Advisor

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