Hot Property: The Second Most Expensive Home in Dallas – Malouf Residence

Full disclosure: I initially pegged this Stoneleigh residence (the very same Brant McFarlin-designed residence featured on the cover of our last issue) for this week’s “Hot Property,” but then I came across this magnificently bonkers Strait Lane estate and everything changed.

I’m not being dramatic. My life has quite literally been altered. Yours will be, too, when you witness the wonder that is 10711 Strait Lane. Designed in 2003 by architect Robbie Fusch (who wowed us last year with his contribution to SMU’s sorority row) and built by Bob Thompson, the French-inspired main home is opulent—the kind of opulence warranted by gilded ceilings and a closet fit for Marie Antoinette. The estate is also vast, handedly fitting eight bedrooms, 17.5 bathrooms, a 10-car garage, and multiple pools within its two, full-sized homes (combined by Dr. Richard Malouf in 2008) and 4.3 acre-lot.

Source: Hot Property: The Second Most Expensive Home in Dallas – D Magazine

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