House Human Services Committee to Hear Testimony on SB 1803 Next Week

Austin Texas CapitolThe Texas House of Representatives Committee on Human Services has announced that it will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, September 3rd, which will include hearing testimony regarding the effectiveness of SB 1803 and changes that should be made to the legislation to improve it.  TDMR had requested such a hearing.

The Committee is chaired by Rep. Richard Peña Raymond.

The official notice states:

The committee will meet to take invited and public testimony on the following interim charge:

Conduct legislative oversight and monitoring of the agencies and programs under the committee’s jurisdiction, including implementation of the Balancing Incentives Program and relevant legislation passed by the 83rd Legislature, including S.B. 1803. In conducting this oversight, the committee should:
a. consider any reforms to state agencies to make them more responsive to Texas taxpayers and citizens;
b. identify issues regarding the agency or its governance that may be appropriate to investigate, improve, remedy, or eliminate;
c. determine whether an agency is operating in a transparent and efficient manner; and
d. identify opportunities to streamline programs and services while maintaining the mission of the agency and its programs.

Those wishing to testify may consult the House website for registration information.

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