Hygienist who had COVID-19 and worked settles Iowa charges

dental hygienist accused of continuing to work while knowing she had COVID-19 agreed to pay a $100 fine to settle charges with the Iowa Dental Board, according to a final order recently issued by the board.

Rachel Crabb, RDH, who has been licensed as a dental hygienist in Iowa since 2018, agreed to take three hours of infection control classes and two hours of ethics courses, as well as a five-day suspension. She was suspended September 13 to September 17, and her license was reinstated on September 18, according to the board order.

In February 2021, Crabb worked for two dentists. After she learned on February 1 that she tested positive for COVID-19, she purportedly told one of the dentists that she would comply with state guidelines and quarantine for 10 days. However, she allegedly failed to inform the other dentist of her positive test and worked for that practice on February 3, according to the order, which was signed by both parties on August 6.

The order does not state how the board learned that Crabb was working while she was positive for COVID-19. Additionally, the document does not state whether Crabb exposed patients or dental team members to the virus.

Source: Hygienist who had COVID-19 and worked settles Iowa charges / Dr. Biscuspid

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