In brief: Large dental professional shortage predicted

Large shortage of dental professionals predicted
Becker’s reports that within eight years, the US could be short thousands of dental professionals. According to data extrapolated from McKinsey & Co., by 2031 there could be up to 36,000-plus vacancies for jobs in dentistry, owing to factors that include lasting effects of the pandemic, workplace demographic shifts, and changing care needs, as well as “multiple headwinds that threaten affordability, access, and industry economics.”

Six states start or expand Medicaid dental coverage
NBC reports that six states—Hawaii, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, and New Hampshire—were the latest to begin or expand their Medicaid dental coverage this year for adults, due to “an increasing understanding that oral health is inseparable from health care,” said New Hampshire Democratic Rep. Joe Schapiro, who was the prime sponsor of the expanded bill. “The amount of money spent on other health care problems that are related to oral health and the amount of money spent on emergency care when people can’t get any kind of preventive or restorative care is not only unfortunate for those people’s health but cost a tremendous amount of money.”

Source: In brief: Large dental professional shortage predicted / Dentistry IQ

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