In Debate, Abbott Proposes Medicaid Block Grants | The Texas Tribune

Also during the debate, Abbott proposed Texas seek and receive a block grant to reform the state’s Medicaid system. It is a proposal similar to the ones Patrick and Perry have laid out for how to deal with the state’s Medicaid system — but Republican leaders in Texas haven’t shown they can get approval for it in Washington.

“Block grants have been used effectively in states like Rhode Island, Indiana, and I think they can be used now,” Abbott said.

Davis said that by not expanding Medicaid, Texas is giving up $100 billion of federal tax dollars to other states, including California and New York. She said the money could create as many as 300,000 jobs per year in Texas. She took the opportunity to call Abbott “California’s best friend.”

via In Debate, Abbott Gets Aggressive, Davis Stays That Way | The Texas Tribune.

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