In Touch:September 1 marks latest expansion of Medicaid managed care

September 1 marks latest expansion of Medicaid managed careAn additional 134,000 people who are elderly or have disabilities are now getting their Medicaid services through STAR+PLUS managed care.  The switch came September 1 as HHSC continued its expansion of managed care by taking STAR+PLUS statewide, moving the program into the rural areas of the state.The expansion included transition of acute-care services to STAR+PLUS for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who either live in an intermediate care facility or who get their long-term services through one of four waiver programs administered by the Department of Aging and Disability Services. To learn more, visit the STAR+PLUS Expansion section of the HHSC website.   September 1 also marked the start of new behavioral health services in STAR, STAR+PLUS and STAR Health managed care programs. STAR and STAR+PLUS each added mental health rehabilitation and mental health targeted case management services. STAR Health, which already offers mental health targeted case management, now offers mental health rehabilitation services. The new services are available to two groups of Medicaid clients:Adults with a severe and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder or other severely disabling mental disorders.Children and teens, ages 3 through 17 years, with a diagnosis of a mental illness or who exhibit a serious emotional disturbance.Visit the Addition of Mental Health Services page of the HHSC website for more information on these new behavioral health services. Future Medicaid managed care expansion projects include the transition of Medicaid nursing facility services acute care and long-term care into STAR+PLUS. That transition is scheduled to take place March 1, 2015. Starting this fall, HHSC will mail letters explaining the changes to Medicaid clients who get nursing facility services. Read more about this transition on the Adding Nursing Facility Services to STAR+PLUS page of the HHSC website.For more details about HHSC’s plans for expanding Medicaid managed care, including development of the new STAR Kids program, visit the Expansion of Medicaid Managed Care section of the HHSC website.

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