Is Insurance fraudster Conduent Credible When it Sells Sofware to Combat Medicaid and Other Types of Fraud?

ConduentIt is with some irony that a company that has been found guilty of insurance fraud by a jury in Delaware (and apparently colluding with the Texas Office of the Attorney General to do so) is still a major player in the healthcare fraud and other fraud detection software market.

Pretty ironic

We just had to point this out after reviewing various media that tout Conduent as one of the world's leading marketers of healthcare fraud detection softwareNext month, the company is holding a virtual seminar on combatting unemployment insurance fraud.

It begs the rather ridiculous question if Conduent's fraud detection software would have caught its own fraudulent activities?

Doesn't seem to matter anymore

Probably not. Does anyone care? Probably not.

There was a day when such things seemed to matter. 

One wonders if the uproar about the no-bid 21 CT contract six years ago for Medicaid fraud detection software in Texas would have blown over today. It ultimately led to a cleaning house at HHSC and OIG - HHSC Chief Counsel Jack Stick gone, HHSC OIG Doug Wilson gone, HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek gone.

OAG rolls on

But we're talking about the Office of the Attorney General. They were doing questionable things back then too - making one of their own a judge over a provider case they were prosecuting, paying outside self-interested qui tam attornies to prosecute a provider case, appealing a favorable provider decision by both SOAH and District Court to a higher court, wasting taxpayer funds.

Then they apparently help Conduent, the company they were suing for a billion dollars for Medicaid fraud, to cheat its insurance company so the OAG can get paid a settlement.

Ah, well, we just had to mention it.



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