Kansas Signs $215M Contract For New Medicaid Computer System 

Computer giant Hewlett Packard Enterprises has entered into a $215 million contract with the state of Kansas to upgrade a Medicaid computer system that tracks patient claims payments to providers.

According to a recent news release from the California-based company, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, or HPE, will work with partners that include Kansas City-based Cerner Corp. to overhaul the state’s Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) to meet new federal standards.

“HPE will strengthen the state’s ability to manage Medicaid policies and finances across disparate programs and agencies,” the news release said.

Angela de Rocha, a Kansas government spokeswoman, said the state will fund about 20 percent of the project with the federal government picking up the rest.

Kansas officials signed a contract of similar value in 2011 with Accenture  to replace the computer system used to determine Medicaid eligibility with an upgrade called the Kansas Eligibility Enforcement System, or KEES.

That system went live last year after significant delays. It has failed to live up to the original promises of processing speed and accuracy , which has contributed to a backlog of thousands of Medicaid applications.

Source: Kansas Signs $215M Contract For New Medicaid Computer System | KCUR

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