Killeen-based pain clinic says $836K settlement due to ‘overpayments’ not ‘overbilling’

A Killeen-based pain clinic and surgery center Thursday denied allegations brought against it in a civil lawsuit that said the medical providers engaged in fraudulent overbilling, instead saying that the settlement that was reached recently is a result of overpayments made over several years.

“The money that was paid back was not from overbilling or fraudulent billing or anything of that sort,” said Elodie Day, chief executive officer for Integrated Pain Associates. “It was an overpayment over a period of six and a half years, and not overpayment because we overbilled or we incorrectly billed. (It was) overpayment just from the government following a fee schedule.”

As a result of the settlement, the Integrated Pain Associates and the Central Texas Day Surgery Center — located in the same building on South W.S. Young Drive in Killeen — were required to pay a total sum of $836,702.88 to the United States government, according to documents provided by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Source: Killeen-based pain clinic says $836K settlement due to ‘overpayments’ not ‘overbilling’ / Killian Daily Herald

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