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THHSC buildingLast week, Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a lawsuit against Xerox and its subsidiary, ACS Healthcare, alleging that the company had not properly vetted dentists’ pre-authorization requests to perform Medicaid orthdontic work on poor children, saddling taxpayers with hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of procedures that were medically unnecessary. The state’s Health and Human Services Commission also canceled its contracts with the company.

In February, I had written about how the state’s efforts to recover money from dentists who’d submitted the most Medicaid claims for orthdontic procedures might be influenced by ACS’s shoddy pre-authorization work. (The Texas Tribune followed with a similar story three months later.) I further raised the question of the state’s own culpability in any overpayments.

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Lawsuits: State “protected” bad contractor | Statesman Investigates Blog |

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