Mandan woman ordered to pay $75K in Medicaid fraud case

MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Rebecca Anderson, of Mandan, has been ordered to pay $75,904.95 in restitution to the State of North Dakota.

Anderson pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud, a class B felony in state District Court in November 2021.

KX spoke with Marina Spahr, the unit’s director and assistant attorney general, who said Medicaid fraud actually happens more than we think.

She says across the nation around 2 percent of Medicaid claims are fraudulent, and in North Dakota, we just about match that.

Spahr said that in the recent case, the unit was working in conjunction with the Department of Human Services, specifically with their home and community-based services.

“The case came to us because they were auditing a qualified service provider and they were saying that this person was potentially providing more than 24 hours a day of services or providing services or billing for services that weren’t provided so once they started that audit we worked in conjunction with them and we further investigated and during our audit, it’s fairly routine to ask for a large set of documents to support the claims that this person had made to the Medicaid program and they did not provide any of them,” said

If Anderson fails to comply with her probation and pay back the full amount request, she will face an order to show cause or another hearing.

Spahr said that North Dakota is the last state in the nation to have a Medicaid Fraud Unit, with six offices around the state.

Source: Mandan woman ordered to pay $75K in Medicaid fraud case / KX News

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