Massachusetts win prove dental patients want insurance change

We did it! Better dental benefits were on the ballot in Massachusetts, and on Nov. 8, voters delivered a decisive victory with over 71% supporting Question 2. This landmark decision creates a first-in-the nation insurance reform that will change the landscape of dental insurance, ensuring patient’s premiums are spend on their direct care and creating necessary consumer protections for dental patients.

The win on Question 2 solidifies the following important consumer protections for dental insurance in Massachusetts:

• Establishes a medical loss ratio, or MLR, for dental insurance companies, requiring them to spend at least 83% of patient premiums on their direct care. A medical loss ratio already exists for medical insurance nationally (80-85%) as mandated by the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and in Massachusetts the medical MLR is set at 85-88%.

• Requires dental insurance companies to report annually to the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, disclosing administrative costs and other financial information to prove how premium dollars are being spent including the specific amount spent on direct patient care.

• The Commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance must approve proposed rates for dental insurance plans.

• Requires dental insurance companies to refund the difference back to the covered individuals or groups if the 83% MLR is not met.

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