MCNA Dental Announces The Appointment Of The Honorable Rick Perry As Vice Chairman Of The Board Of Directors And Chief Strategy Officer

MCNA Dental announced today the appointment of the Honorable Rick Perry, former United States Secretary of Energy and former Governor of Texas, as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for MCNA Insurance Company, the country’s largest insurer for Medicaid and CHIP dental programs with state agencies. He has also been appointed to the role of Chief Strategy Officer. He previously served on MCNA Insurance Company’s Board of Directors. The Honorable Mr.Perry will provide strategic vision for the expansion of MCNA Dental’s national platform for dental managed care. He will play a leading role in governmental relations and provide key insight on healthcare reform, an issue he successfully addressed as the Governor of Texas.

“It gives me great joy to welcome Mr.Perry back to the MCNA family, and congratulate him on his service to our country. His tremendous diplomatic expertise and his experience spearheading Medicaid reform in Texas will enhance the capabilities of our leadership teamand help to introduce a new era of innovation and growth benefitting our state partners, network providers, and the members we serve across the nation,” said Dr. Jeffrey Feingold, Chief Executive Officer and President of MCNA Dental.

“I consider Dr. Jeffrey Feingold to be a close personal friend andhave long admired his vision and leadership.Dr. Feingold is a passionate advocate for dental managed care and children’s oral health. I am excited to rejoin the MCNA team and help to further its mission of providing high quality oral health care for the children of America,” said the Honorable Mr. Perry.

With over 35 years of political and leadership experience, the Honorable Mr.Perry is a proven authority on healthcare reform, educational reform, and the economy and job creation. As Governor of Texas from 2000 to 2015, he led the way for accountability, transparency, and Medicaid reform to create a health care system that delivers quality dental and health care to children and families while maintaining fiscal efficiency for state government. Then Governor Perry’s fiscal policies spurred the expansion of the Texas economy making the state the national leader in job creation and business growth.

About MCNA Dental

MCNA is a leading dental benefits management company committed to providing high-quality oral health services. We improve the oral health of the members we serve through sustainable relationships with dental care providers that establish good dental habits for life. Our innovative coordinated care solutions increase collaboration between dentists and pediatricians, encouraging comprehensive preventive care from an early age. MCNA was the first dental plan in the nation to receive full URAC Dental Plan Accreditation. MCNA and Healthplex, Inc., serve over8million Medicaid and CHIP members in Texas, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Utah, New York, and the Northeast. For over 25 years, we have been committed to improving the overall health of our members by making sure they get great dental care, and service they can trust. At MCNA, we care about your smile. More information can be found at our corporate website,

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