Medicaid Orthodontic Program Spending Less Than 6% of 2011 Levels

HLD 5If you remember the heyday of HHSC/TMHP/Xerox program spending on orthodontia back in 2011 that begat allegations of Medicaid fraud, it was at a sky-high $249 million.

In 2015, it was $13.6 million.

So it is little wonder that the number of orthodontists in Texas in the Medicaid program has dropped over the last few years.

Texas Medicaid Orthodontia Expenditures, FY 2014-2015
Amount Paid for Services by Medicaid Amount Paid for Services by Health Plans Total Amount Paid for Services
FY 2014 $2,799,056.20 $22,960,923.37 $25,759,979.57
FY 2015 $1,029,175.92 $12,640,240.70 $13,669,416.62

Code by code breakdown of Medicaid orthodontic program spending

We also have the code by code breakdown for Medicaid orthodontia.  You can download it here.

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