Minorities in Texas battling to pay healthcare bills

Almost half of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who live in Texas are skipping routine healthcare because of cost, according to a survey by Episcopal Health Foundation.

The report focuses on the overall health experiences of AAPI Texans and found that high medical bills, lack of affordable housing and reliable transportation have a negative impact on their lives.

Brian Sasser, chief communications officer for Episcopal Health Foundation, said non-medical factors can put a person’s health at risk.

“Not being able to get reliable, affordable transportation to go to a doctor’s visit, to go to a check-up, to get a test done, to get a prescription filled,” Sasser explained. “You can’t go to the grocery store to get health food so you may go to the closest convenience store, and if you can’t get to a park or somewhere to exercise, you don’t exercise.”

One in five of those surveyed say when they receive medical treatment, they struggle to pay the bills.

More than 1.8 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders live in Texas. The population of Asian Americans in the Lone Star State has grown at a faster rate than any other group over the past 20 years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Texas counties with the highest numbers of AAPI residents are Collin, Denton, Fort Bend, Travis and Williamson.

Source: Minorities in Texas battling to pay healthcare bills / Big News Network

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