Missoula Surgeon Settles Alleged Fraud Claims for $3.7 Million

Dr. David Bellamah, a vascular surgeon with offices in Missoula and Kalispell, without admitting liability, will pay $3.7 million to the federal government to settle violations of the False Claims Act, alleging that he performed unnecessary surgeries and then submitted fraudulent claims to federal programs for payment.

Claire Howard, Public Affairs Officer with the Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney for Montana provided these details.

“A Missoula vascular surgeon who operates Bellamah surgery centers in Missoula and Kalispell has agreed to pay the federal government $3.7 million to settle alleged False Claims Act violations that he performed medically unnecessary surgeries based on improper techniques and submitted fraudulent bills for payments to federal health care programs,” said Howard.

Howard said that Dr. Bellamah agreed to a civil settlement in the case.

The following is a statement:

December 15, 2021

Bellamah Family Statement In Response to Bellamah Vein Center / U.S. Department of Justice Settlement from Michael Paul, Spokesman, The Bellamah Family:

Hello. My name is Michael Paul and I am the spokesperson for the Bellamah family. Bellamah Vein Center is a Bellamah family medical practice based in Montana. It is known regionally and nationally for its superior patient care for medical patients with vein issues.

The Bellamah family wants to let you know a recent out of court settlement was reached by Bellamah Vein Center which is related to a federal insurance billing issue which is now resolved. The excellent patient care Bellamah Vein Center provides its many vein patients for years was never in question. In fact, the federal insurance billing allegations were never proven in a court of law and the settlement was agreed upon to avoid additional years of very expensive, legal fees. The settlement allows Bellamah Vein Center to quickly get back to the excellent patient care it provides its many patients, versus waiting for a conclusion many years from now.

In fact, patients of Bellamah Vein Center continue to speak glowingly and passionately about the excellent patient care the medical practice provides with a level of vein patient services second to none. We are very grateful for the excellent patient feedback we receive for many years. Many of our patients travel several hours and some even travel from neighboring states to receive our terrific vein medical services their own patient surveys say are not only worth the travel, but many patients also refer their friends and family for vein care too. The Bellamah family and Bellamah Vein Center want to thank you all for your continued trust in us. You are the reason Bellamah Vein Center exists. We don’t take that lightly.

The Bellamah family and Bellamah Vein Center are Montana’s family. They treat us all like family, including me. Their relationships with all people are special. They are always there for others. Whether it’s helping patients change their lives through excellent vein care, or helping others by giving back to the community, especially those greatest in need, for many years. Family is a theme that is never forgotten.

As we celebrate the holidays this season, the Bellamah family wants to say the most important two words to you: Thank you! Thank you for your continued trust in the Bellamah family and Bellamah Vein Center with your patient care. We always seek to give you the best patient care possible. We look forward to doing so for many more years to come.

Happy Holidays to all!


Original Source: Missoula Surgeon Settles Alleged Fraud Claims for $3.7 Million / KGVO Newstalk

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