New dental center sees 100-plus patients in less than two months

The Windham County Dental Center hasn’t even been open for two months yet and it has already seen more than 110 patients to whom it’s provided more than 400 services.

“One of the most common services we offer is extraction,” said Carmen Derby, executive director of the United Way of Windham County, which partnered with Brattleboro Memorial Hospital to pioneer this innovative model.

All new patients receive an examination and evaluation, said Derby, before undergoing procedures such as an extraction. She hopes that once the dental center has dealt with the most serious cases, it can focus on regular cleanings and general oral health.

“By the end of June, we have seen patients from most of the towns in Windham County,” said Derby.

The Windham County Dental Center evolved from the annual Adult Dental Care Day hosted by the United Way for almost 10 years. During Adult Dental Care Day, folks who had no way of paying for care received it at no cost courtesy of the United Way, a number of donors, and dentists that offered their services.

But the need was greater than just that one day a year. According to a recent community health needs assessment conducted by the hospital, there are about 5,000 adults in Windham County who don’t have a regular dental care provider.

Source: New dental center sees 100-plus patients in less than two months / Brattleboro Reformer

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