OIG Report for February

TDMR recently received Texas HHS-OIG’s email newsletter for February.  We’re not sure how many others who are interested get this so we are going to republish it here.

Office of Inspector General, Texas Health and Human Services

OIG Update


2 Responses

  • There needs to be some changes in denying providers payment. There are times when MD takes forever to sign paperwork and we get penalized for it and other things that cause us not to get paid. There should be no reason after providing service should a agency be denied payment. If the PT, were to stay in the hospital. You would spend triple what you out. Please, review and change the denial process.

  • Humana PAID Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center South 100% of asking CMS EPB Charges, Disregarded Contract Agreement, Zero Copay, and Ignored Good Faith Reported EOB Appeals from 2012 throughout August 2016 to my multiples Greivance Complaints. My late Mother painfully suffered Covert and Systemic Iatrogenic’s Causations to Egreious Malpractices Personal Injuries, Tortoured, Opioids Overdosed to Induced Invasive ProceInduced Illnesses, Elderly Abused and Iatrogenic’s Death/Murdered. MOTIVES: Medical Enterprise RICO’S RACKETEERING Schemes and Corruption to CMS False Claims

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