OIG reports fraud hotline results

The OIG Fraud Hotline handled 5,995 calls and other points of contact in the second quarter of fiscal year 2022. The hotline is an avenue for the public to report suspicious behavior involving a health care provider or client who may be abusing Medicaid benefits.

The OIG also handles cases involving improper action by Texas Health and Human Service (HHS) employees or contractors or additional concerns about the administration and operation of HHS programs.

When calling the hotline, you will be asked basic questions about the allegation to determine if a complaint needs further investigation. If the complaint contains enough information, a case is opened and assigned to an investigator. The investigator determines whether a complaint represents a violation of Texas Health and Human Services policy or federal/state law or regulation. Based on the findings of a preliminary investigation, a case may be closed; concluded with a recommendation for education; referred to another agency or entity; or referred for a full-scale investigation.

Source: OIG reports fraud hotline results / OIG Texas Health and Human Services

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