Peoria doctor indicted on health care fraud charges

A federal grand jury returned a 50-count indictment charging Dr. Linh Cao Nguyen, 48, of Peoria, with health care fraud, false statements relating to a health care matter, and aggravated identity theft.

Nguyen ran a mobile multispecialty medical practice that primarily treated patients in their homes and living facilities throughout Phoenix and Tucson.

The indictment alleges that for more than a decade, Nguyen, through his practice, engaged in a health care fraud scheme by submitting false claims to health care insurance programs for medical services: (1) that identified a physician as the rendering provider when Nguyen knew that the service was not completed by a physician and did not qualify for reimbursement as a physician; (2) that were not medically necessary; (3) that were billed at a higher complexity level than the actual level of care provided; and (4) that were not performed as the only legitimate service rendered was a COVID-19 vaccination.

The indictment also alleges that Nguyen created false medical records to conceal and avoid detection of his fraudulent billing practices. During the timeframe of the indictment, Nguyen, through his medical practice, is alleged to have billed Medicare approximately $50 million and received approximately $33 million in Medicare funds.

Source: Peoria doctor indicted on health care fraud charges / Peoria Times

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