The Human Costs of Perry’s War on Medicaid

Along with providers and their employees, Texas’ GOP leadership has thrown thousands of kids under the bus

In this pair of brief videos, we get an up-close look at the results of Governor Perry’s covert war on Medicaid providers. When a provider is crashed with a payment hold based on an incredible allegation of “fraud”, the usual result is that kids who were under that provider’s care are now stranded. The best they can hope for is a new provider — but if that means breaking a relationship they’ve had for years, well, tough luck, kid.

Hundreds of providers have had their lives wrecked and laid off thousands of employees. In addition, countless kids have had their access to care restricted or denied — which, strangely enough, is how we got here in the first place. But as long as the Governor can point to how “broken” Medicaid is, and as long as nobody calls him on the fact that HE AND HIS CRONIES BROKE IT, then all’s well in the Capitol!

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