“Poker Whale” Billy Joe Taylor Involved in $88 Million Healthcare Fraud

Billy Joe Taylor, a previously unknown poker player, has fast become a star on TCH Live, a poker livestream of high-stakes cash game sessions from the Texas Card House (TCH) in Dallas. The Arkansas player has left a mark among poker viewers because of his loose-aggressive game style. Known on-screen as “Bildo”, he likes to take huge risks at the table and thrives upon it.

Now, Taylor has hit the headlines not because of his poker abilities, but because he was indicted for a multi-million dollar health care fraud.

Taylor’s Multi-Million Medical Fraud Scheme Unveiled

An investigation into Taylor’s criminal activities could answer some questions as to where and how he gets his money to afford playing the game like a “special type of whale” as one player has described him on Twitter.

Taylor has now been exposed by authorities as the perpetrator of a massive fraud scheme to the tune of $88 million, involving government-funded COVID-19 testing incentives and false billings.

Taylor allegedly carried out his criminal scheme through two medical laboratories that he owns, Vitas Laboratories LLC in Arkansas, and Beach Tox LLC in California.

Source: “Poker Whale” Billy Joe Taylor Involved in $88 Million Healthcare Fraud / tightpoker.com

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