Scofflaw Whistleblower “Didn’t have the Benefits of Family, Money, Power, Education and Connections”

Our last story on reputationally challenged qui tam relator Joshua Lafountain and the highly questionable settlements forced from a large number of Medicaid dental entities, supported by the Office of the Attorney General, brought about an outraged comment from an anonymous supporter of his.

The accusation of TDMR running an unjust "smear campaign" stung.

"Persuasive" commentary

So to be fair and provide balanced reporting, we felt this well-reasoned response deserved to be given its own story so that all providers in the Medicaid community can understand the valuable service qui tam relators like Lafountain provide to the people of Texas and why a prestigious agency like the Civil Medicaid Fraud Unit of the Office of the Attorney General should continue to support them.

Legislators would be impressed

It is too bad this individual did not testify before the House Committee on Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence earlier this year, as we are sure their testimony would have swayed the committee not to pass HB3082 unanimously.

TMFPA is a great entitlement program

After all, the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act appears to be a great entitlement program for underprivileged individuals, according to the commenter, that not only pays for itself but profits the state as well.  He argues that allegations of Medicaid fraud without any evidence only hurt successful, law-abiding healthcare professionals who can easily afford it and probably deserve it.  Righteously fleecing such individuals so poor, deprived individuals like Lafountain, under the guise of a settlement agreement, can "get theirs" is just.

Here is the full, unedited text:


Once again, TDMR is pushing their propaganda by twisting a mutually agreed to settlement into some kind of victim story. Umm, when was the original case filed? Like about a decade ago? And why did it take so long to reach a settlement? Maybe because Swayden and his attorneys did everything they could to prevent going to court? Maybe because a settlement was better than risking judgement? Maybe because the returns on all of the investments made with illegally pocketed Medicaid payments were massive and $800k over time was chump change. Anyone else getting tired of TDMR’s smear campaign against a guy who didn’t have the benefits of family money, power, education and connections like poor old Dr. Swayden? Here’s some advice, go fine a more likeable “victim” and try again.

Need we say more?


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