State employee disciplined after investigation of $68 million contract

A state employee has been put on probation after a three-month internal investigation found that she had tried to secure a job for her daughter with a potential vendor.

Jean Garcia, a technology service manager for the state’s Health and Human Services Commission who was involved in the procurement process for a $68 million contract, also had a son and niece who worked for the potential vendor, Austin Ribbon & Computer.

“Notwithstanding the fact the attempted employment failed, action should be taken to address this possible conflict of interest,” said the commission’s inspector general, Stuart Bowen, in a report released Wednesday.

Source: State employee disciplined after investigation of $68 million contract THE STATESMAN

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  • It is disgusting and abuse of tax payer dollars that the highest paid State employees who are charged and/or involved with felony offenses (Jack Stick, Rick Perry, Cody Casarez,Doug and Frenita Wilson) are terminated or placed on EXTENDED PAID LEAVE and then able to secure another high paying position within the States. If you’re a wrongfully terminated employee, you are labeled and unable to obtain gainful employment. This too must be fixed, the State of Texas crooks are being rewarded!

    • Thanks for your comment! Good point. We are filing open records requests to see if Stick and Wilson received any kind of payout from the state after they resigned.

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