Stick leaves office, Janek suspends other HHSC staff – Houston Chronicle

AUSTIN — Jack Stick has left the building.

The high-ranking Texas Health and Human Services Commission official, who submitted his resignation last Friday amid evidence of contracting favoritism, had planned to stay on the job until early next year, but instead served his last day as a state employee Thursday, according to the commission.

Stick had an annual salary of $201,450, meaning he was earning $100 for every hour he worked after the announcement of the resignation.

In a separate announcement at almost exactly the same time, Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek announced that three staffers would be put on paid leave amid a joint investigation by the State Auditor’s Office and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.

The developments added to a scandal that has already caused two contracts to be canceled and claimed the job of one official, Jack Stick, who has this year served as the health commission’s top lawyer, but worked as Wilson’s deputy when the first of the contracts was approved in 2012.

Among the employees put on leave were Stick’s wife, Erica, who serves as Janek’s chief of staff, and Stick’s former chief of staff, Cody Cazares. Wilson’s wife, Frianita Wilson, who also works for the commission, also was put on leave.
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