TDMR Conducts Texas Medicaid Dental Management Organization Survey

online-surveyJust before the Thanksgiving holiday, TDMR received a flurry of emails and phone calls regarding our story about a dentist who was having payments recouped by MCNA for treatments the company had previously approved.  He was being forced to travel to Florida to get a “hearing” at MCNA’s head office.

Information for briefing purposes

It made us think that perhaps we should conduct a survey of Medicaid dentists on their experiences with both MCNA and Dentaquest. It has become apparent that with the new legislative session almost upon us and rumors that a new request for proposal for dental management organizations coming up that we should have as much information as possible on the current situation for legislative briefing purposes.

Quick multiple choice survey

So we have put together a quick multiple choice survey that can be done anonymously and be answered by a busy Medicaid dentist in about a minute.  They simply rate their experience with MCNA and Dentaquest on a scale and indicate the type of problems they have had, if any.  The survey itself has seven questions plus we would like to know where the dentist is located and if they would like to be interviewed by TDMR about their experience.

With sufficient participation, the results should provide a good snapshot of the satisfaction of Medicaid dentists with these DMOs.

So if you are a Medicaid dentist, please take the time to take the survey (Any questions, email us at

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