TDMR Launches Medicaid Provider Survey 2019

It has been a few years since we polled all categories of Medicaid providers about their experience in Texas Medicaid.

Previous survey results

Back in 2016, the last time we published results, there was a significant difference in the answers of dentists and other health care providers regarding the biggest challenge in Medicaid at the time.

Dentists focussed on “provider rights” while other health care professions were concerned about “reimbursement rates.”

There was a similarity as well as all health care professions considered their biggest concerns in Medicaid to be “increased regulatory complexity” and “being placed on payment hold.”

How have things changed?

So it will be interesting to see the changes in these answers today.

The survey itself is only five questions and entirely anonymous.  It is done through Survey Monkey.

So if you are a Medicaid provider, please take the survey and we will share the results through our network.

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