Texas Feud Over Medicaid Is Costing $7 Million A Day

Since last year, Texas and Joe Biden’s White House have been in a Medicaid funding feud that has been costing Texas hospitals about $7 million a day. State and federal officials have imposed a deadline over the dogfight for this Friday.

Last April, the Biden administration revoked a 10-year waiver renewal approval of billions in future Medicaid dollars for Texas.

According to The Houston Chronicle, the money, funneled through an 1115 waiver, has brought more than $30 billion to Texas since 2012, accounts for nearly one third of the state’s Medicaid budget, and funds emergency care to patients without government or private insurance.

After being denied the waiver, Republican state leaders sued to reinstate it. A federal judge ordered both sides to negotiate. A year later, they still have nothing to show for it, except the loss of millions of dollars.

Source: Texas Feud Over Medicaid Is Costing $7 Million A Day / Reform Austin

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