Texas HHS Medicaid Dental Director Gone

Dr. Marguerite Laccabue, former Texas HHS Medicaid Dental Director

TDMR has learned that Dr. Margaret Laccabue is no longer the Dental Director, Office of the Medical Director, Medicaid and CHIP Services for Texas HHS.  We have it on good authority that she was released from employment with HHS, but we don’t know why.

Confirmed by HHS

We asked HHS for a statement about her removal but were told only that she is no longer with the agency.

Responded to TDMR concerns

Dr. Laccabue has answered TDMR questions about Medicaid dentistry since 2021.

There was a feeling of quiet desperation in her recent responses about the massive ongoing problems with credentialing emergency, replacement and new dentists for Medicaid practices.  We would venture to hypothesize that she felt she had little influence on what happened at the agency.  We wish her well.

The dental director position is now open, according to HHS.



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  • This has nothing to do with this report but I would like to raise an important concern about the extremely low fee schedule that Medicaid needs address , current inflation and employment situation has caused the prices to go up like never before, thank you

    • Yes, we have written about this extensively. There are efforts moving forward to get this addressed. Hopefully we will hear some good news about this before the legislative session ends.

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