Texas Said Medicaid Had No Future, Then Set Out to Prove It

When Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick took to the mic on Texas Independence Day in March, he did so with the air of a man rallying his people before an alien invasion. “On March 2, 1836, a group of patriots gathered at Washington-on-the-Brazos to declare Texas’ independence as a nation standing on its own two feet,” he said defiantly. “That proud and independent spirit has animated the Texas character for the last 179years.” But it was now under threat, he said. By immigration? By Jade Helm?

Patrick, flanked by a platoon of Republican senators, had come to consider a much more potent threat to the state’s liberty: Medicaid, the program that provides life-sustaining health care to more than 4 million Texans. For many, Medicaid is the difference between getting treatment for diabetes and losing a limb to amputation; between receiving physical therapy and using a wheelchair; between a healthy pregnancy and a catastrophic one.

Source: Texas Said Medicaid Had No Future, Then Set Out to Prove It TEXAS OBSERVER

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