The Frisco Dentist Who Escaped Healthcare Fraud Charges

Dr. Leyla Nourian never belonged on a list of defendants in a $158 million healthcare fraud scheme. She knew it from the start, her lawyer Tom Melsheimer agreed, and now the judge has agreed, as she was dismissed from the case right before the trial began last week.

Nourian is a dentist in Frisco whose brothers Dehshid Nourian and Jamshid Noryian, are two of the primary defendants in the healthcare kickback scheme. The defendants allegedly controlled several pharmacies that charged the Department of Labor-Office of Workers’ Compensation for compounded creams used to treat scars, wounds, and pain with rates of up to $28,000 per container.

Leyla was initially named as one of the pharmacy operators paying physicians kickbacks to obtain prescriptions at one of their pharmacies. The payments were allegedly concealed as loans to the physicians. Jamshid would market the pharmacies’ compounded creams to physicians, who would unnecessarily prescribe them in return for monetary gifts and rent relief.

Source: The Frisco Dentist Who Escaped Healthcare Fraud Charges / D Magazine

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