Trump’s Health Secretary Thinks Poor Should Pay More For Medicaid

Poor Americans insured by Medicaid will pay more out-of-pocket toward their healthcare services under proposals favored by Dr. Tom Price, Donald Trump’s pick to be U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

During the first of two committee hearings he faces before the U.S. Senate votes on whether to confirm him, Price said he supports a plan within Indiana’s Medicaid program that requires a copayment or premium to get a richer benefit package. Price, who goes before the Senate Finance Committee this week, favors repealing the Affordable Care Act and its Medicaid expansion, and his testimony offers ideas on what he may push to replace the law.

“The Medicaid program is one where states know best,” Price, a Republican Congressman and orthopedic surgeon from Georgia, told the U.S. Senate Health Committee last week. “What Indiana has done is best practice.”

Source: Trump’s Health Secretary Thinks Poor Should Pay More For Medicaid FORBES

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