Vermont child turns in own mother who is convicted of Medicaid time-sheet fraud

A Swanton woman has been convicted of Medicaid fraud and ordered to serve prison time after she submitted false time sheets claiming three employees had provided personal care services to her children.

Karen Tucker pleaded guilty and was convicted of four counts of Medicaid fraud Wednesday, the Vermont Attorney General’s Office said in a statement Friday.

Prosecutors alleged Tucker hired three employees to care for her children through the Medicaid Children’s Personal Care Services program, then submitted false time sheets and split the proceeds with the employees.

Tucker’s children were in foster care for much of the time she claimed they were receiving care, an investigator wrote in court documents.

Prosecutors uncovered the case after one of the children noticed a fraudulent time sheet, an investigator wrote in court documents.

Source: Mother convicted in Medicaid time-sheet fraud BURLINGTON FREE PRESS

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