Videos & Presentation Slides of MCNA and Dentaquest Reps Addressing Provider Issues Now Online

In February of last year, Texas Health and Human Services Dental Director Marguerite Laccabue held a dental stakeholders meeting in Austin. It doesn’t appear from the HHSC online video of the proceedings that it was well-attended or promoted as the audience in attendance was some 40 or 50 individuals.

Dentaquest and MCNA representatives addressed issues

A major part of the meeting was the presentations done by Dr. Carlos Garcia, the dental director for MCNA, and Brenda Walker, provider relations for Dentaquest, on common issues that providers run into with their respective companies.

So as a public service to dental providers, we have created our own videos of their presentations (15 minutes for Ms. Walker and 19 minutes for Dr. Garcia) to make them broadly available and easily accessible on YouTube and the TDMR website. We also provide download links for the slides they used in their presentations so providers can refer to them.

We hope providers find them useful.

Dr. Carlos Garcia, dental director, MCNA

Dr. Garcia MCNA presentation

Brenda Walker, now director for provider engagement, Dentaquest

Brenda Walker Dentaquest presentation

2 Responses

  • Thank you for all the communication TDMR dedicates to updating and informing providers, supporting staff in the industry, and taxpayers. I appreciate this platform of information.

  • These MCO have taken control over practices, independence and provider right of practice. Graduated licensed dentist worth nothing to these MCO\’s people.

    These have gone to far, what a shame to our profession is to be insurance , Medicaid and MCO provider dentist now days.

    Stressing again , Contracting and credentialing is not other than giving away voluntarily dentist right of practice earned with our dental licenses. and giving away our personal values ,morals , freedom and professional earned monetary revenues as well .

    What is wrong with us.?? are we are out of own control and our minds ? allowing arbitrary judgments by having to ask third parties permission to diagnose , perform treatments procedures and be scrutinize to the most by having to summit proof of treatments done to be paid, worse having to paid MCOs for sending the information .

    Professional practices privacy and dentist right have gone down the drain in this scenario. I m afraid we are the clown fish in the fish tank. The puppets in this play. Worse the majority voluntarily.

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