Whistleblower who got $6 million still on lookout for fraud

The Tucson woman who earned nearly $6 million as the whistleblower who uncovered overbilling at the Carondelet Health Network is launching her own effort to prevent health-care fraud.“Providers are turning their heads, not wanting to hear about fraud, waste and abuse,” Jacqueline Nash Bloink said in an interview last week.But if more people cared, she said, the nation could “plug this gaping hole” and stop money from gushing out of the federal Medicare and the state Medicaid systems.The whistleblower lawsuit Bloink filed under the federal False Claims Act accused Carondelet of knowingly engaging in fraudulent billing and concealing its obligation to pay money back.The U.S. Attorney’s Office, which investigated the case, announced the settlement in August and said the alleged fraud occurred for nearly seven years between 2004 and 2011.

via Whistleblower who got $6 million still on lookout for fraud.

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