Whistleblower’s attorney wants proof that AG had no conflict over donor Medicaid fraud investigation 

AUSTIN — The lawyer for a whistleblower who sued a top Ken Paxton donor said he was unaware the donor gave $100,000 to the attorney general during an investigation into his client’s claims, and he wants proof that it did not influence the settlement the state ultimately received.

“We have an obligation to our client to make sure he was given a fair deal,” said Dallas-based attorney Justin Sumner. “I’m very curious where this case is going because I’m learning new information that’s amazing to me.”

Sumner wants to investigate Paxton’s role in the case to ensure there was no conflict of interest, a goal experts said is both unnecessary and likely unachievable while Paxton’s office continues to insist he has no involvement in or knowledge of the probe.

Source: Whistleblower’s attorney wants proof that Ken Paxton had no conflict over donor investigation | Dallas Morning News

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