Why are Florida’s children losing health insurance?

Even at the height of anti-“Obamacare” sentiment, most politicians agreed that making health insurance more readily available for children in low-income families — particularly those whose parents worked but still couldn’t afford coverage — was a good thing. And for nearly two decades, millions of children have been covered through one of two big federal programs intended to make that happen.The programs have grown nearly every year.

Now, that trend may have been thrown in reverse. A new study by a Georgetown University health policy think tank found that across the nation, children in low-income families are losing coverage at an alarming rate.

Enrollment growth went stagnant in 2017, and more than 900,000 dropped out in 2018. Florida’s children are faring worse than most. In 2018, nearly 70,000 lost coverage.

Source: Another Viewpoint: Why are Florida’s children losing health insurance? / The Ledger

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