Woman accused of reselling $270K in stolen dental items

A woman in Pennsylvania is accused of making nearly $270,000 stealing dental products like teeth whitening kits from her employer and selling them on an online shopping site, according to multiple news reports.

Kathy Lucarino, 50, who worked at Bright Solutions in Pennsylvania preparing online orders for customers and maintaining inventory, was charged after an investigation revealed that she was using the company’s business account to sell items that required a license. She did not have a license.

Also, Lucarino reportedly had been using the company account to print $3,760 worth of address labels for people in California. Police executed a search warrant, intercepted the packages that were headed for California, and confirmed that the shipped items, which were various types of whitening kits, matched Bright Solutions’ inventory, according to reports.

Lucarino allegedly admitted to police that she sold the kits on eBay because she needed money to pay off debt. Between March 2018 and September 2023, she purportedly had stolen $269,013 worth of products and resold them online.

Source: Woman accused of reselling $270K in stolen dental items / DrBicuspid.com

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