Woman claims dentist pulled wrong tooth

A Cape Coral woman says her dentist pulled the wrong tooth and tonight she’s demanding a fix. We went to that dentist to get some answers.

Source: Woman claims dentist pulled wrong tooth / yahoo! news

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  • TMDR wrote “We went to that dentist to get some answers.”
    But we’re still lacking any additional info.
    In the 2:11 long news video, at 0:58 we see rotten #14, and #15 with probable decay, and #16 behind it.
    At 1:33 it appears that 14 and 16 are gone and #15 still appears to need a filling..
    So it is confusing. I thought there was just 1 extraction.

    IMHO, patient’s residual complaints likely relate to severe tipping of #17 & #18, causing trauma to teeth, joint, and muscles…a consequence of loss of #19 without replacement, as seen on BWx at 1:33

    • My bad. She said a lot of things that couldn’t be right, but I re-listened and she said the first visit he extracted the wisdom tooth, which to her was a mistake because the one hurting was#14, then she went back and he removed “the rotten tooth” #14. At some point she pointed to #12 and said he pulled that by mistake, but later BWx shows it is still there.
      Sounds like the need to extract #16 is in question, but no doubt it has low value… Certainly not to be replaced w implant. And with decay like we saw in#14, #16 could easily have had enough decay to warrant removal… Just not as a priority over #14.

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