Class Action Lawsuit Looming Against MCNA for Massive Data Breach?

A major consumer rights law firm is now looking into the possibility of a class action lawsuit against MCNA for its huge data breach of some 9 million clients back in February, but just made public recently.

Hagens Berman describes itself as “a global plaintiffs’ rights complex litigation law firm with a tenacious drive for achieving real results for those harmed by corporate negligence and fraud. Since its founding in 1993, the firm’s determination has earned it numerous national accolades, awards and titles of “Most Feared Plaintiff’s Firm,” MVPs and Trailblazers of class-action law.”

“MCNA needs to be held accountable”

According to their release last Thursday, they asked affected MCNA clients to contact them to “help hold MCNA accountable.”

“The sheer quantity and sensitive nature of the information compromised in this breach is staggering,” said Thomas E. Loeser, partner at Hagens Berman and the attorney leading the investigation. “Healthcare companies owe it to their customers to take every available measure to protect the precious data they collect, and MCNA failed in its duty.”

Successful litigation for past data breaches

Hagens Berman was one of the legal firms responsible for obtaining a $350 million settlement for consumers with T-Mobile for their 2021 data breach.

The release notes that identity theft from such data breaches occurs to roughly 65% of consumers so affected.

Apparent delay in reporting breach is unconscionable

If it is true that MCNA waited until late May to notify authorities and affected clients of the breach when it occurred back in late February, that delay is unconscionable.

Dentists should alert MCNA clients to danger of possible identity theft

TDMR suggests that Texas dentists should inform their MCNA clients that their personal data has probably been compromised and that they can learn more and join the firm’s investigation by visiting the firm’s website.


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  • This is critical information about minors that could result in a lifelong threat to their identity. The notification letter was received today June 20, 2023 4 months after the breach that lasted approximately 11 days. The hackers have access to every piece of information needed for complete identity theft. We’re talking everything as well as we’re we live. Unacceptable.

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