HHSC-OIG Starts Provider Education!

Medicaid providersTDMR has received notification that HHSC-OIG has begun a Provider Education series that will cover topics of particular interest to Medicaid providers.

It is about time.

The first topic is Understanding Waste, Abuse and Fraud and TDMR has rabble roused about this.

The article is not long nor very explanatory. Also the lack of page margins makes it hard to read.

Outreach to Providers?
But it is better than nothing and is a start for an agency which has cultivated an adversarial attitude towards dental providers particularly.

Favorite Saying
After all, the reported favorite saying of the former Deputy Inspector General for Enforcement was that “if Jesus were a Medicaid provider, I could find a program violation on him.” TDMR has heard this from several sources now.

TDMR suggests that providers check it out.

Understanding Waste, Abuse and Fraud.

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